Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Cardiovascular Health

A cucumber a day for lower blood pressure 22.10.2023
Metastudy of metastudies | Supplementing with carnitine improves cholesterol levels 14.10.2023
Including walnuts in your diet lowers blood pressure 04.10.2023
Thirty grams of oyster mushroom per day lowers blood pressure and increases insulin sensitivity 22.09.2023
After menopause, a daily teaspoon of pumpkin seed oil makes women healthier 18.09.2023
1950 | After a myocardial infarction, megadoses of choline keep heart patients alive 29.07.2023
Fish oil supplements protect against coronary heart disease 22.07.2023
Chondroitin keeps heart patients alive | The Morrison study 06.07.2023
Chondroitin supplementation reduces the risk of myocardial infarction by about forty percent 04.07.2023
What happens if you use alpha-lipoic acid for 4 years? 28.06.2023
L-Arginine | A reduction in blood pressure for everyone 11.06.2023
300 mg Grape Seed Extract per day lowers blood pressure, reduces stress 21.05.2023
Acetylcholine in eggplant lowers blood pressure 19.05.2023
That's how many beans you should eat daily to get healthier 09.05.2023
Apples protect against arteriosclerosis 25.04.2023
That's how strong the positive cardiovascular effects of amla are 22.04.2023
You will be healthier if you eat oyster mushrooms 4 times a week 08.03.2023
Obese with a fatty liver? This dose of myo-inositol makes you healthier 27.02.2023
Diet containing beetroot, arugula and other nitrate sources protects against heart failure 24.02.2023
Pantethine | The underrated cholesterol-lowering effects of a B vitamin 19.01.2023
How quercetin protects blood vessels against cholesterol 25.11.2022
A vitamin D supplement to lower your triglycerides | Does that make sense? 09.10.2022
Berries inhibit arteriosclerosis 23.09.2022
More HDL, less CRP | How MSM might reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease 30.06.2020
Spermidine keeps the heart young | Animal study 15.06.2022
Celery seed extract lowers blood pressure (and does much more) 19.05.2022
Should heart failure patients be prescribed Q10? 24.04.2022
A few spirulina tablets a day lower your blood pressure by 4 to 5 points 02.04.2022
Oligonol, the lychee supplement that protects against heart attacks 30.03.2022
More berries, less cholesterol 20.03.2022
Over 65? A high Q10 level gives you a healthy heart and well-functioning muscles 02.03.2022
Blood pressure drops several points during supplementation with Pycnogenol 28.02.2022
Q10, vitamins B2 and B3 mitigate cardiovascular risks of tamoxifen 06.12.2021
Fats in animal-based foods not bad for heart 28.11.2021
High vitamin D levels help keep heart patients alive 01.11.2021
Daily cup of nitrate-rich leafy vegetables helps prevent cardiovascular disease 23.08.2021
This is the unhealthiest food habit of all | And this is the healthiest... 05.08.2021
Ergothionein, the longevity vitamin from mushrooms, protects against deadly cardiovascular disease 31.07.2021
By inhibiting inflammation, nuts protect against strokes and heart attacks 12.07.2021
More chili, longer life 09.07.2021
Daily serving of strawberries improves insulin and cholesterol levels 07.06.2021
Eat 2 apples every day, improve your cholesterol 27.05.2021
More irisin (and much healthier) due to green cardamom oil 10.04.2021
Eggplant protects the heart during myocardial infarction 13.03.2021
Cumin supplement improves cholesterol 06.01.2021
Q10 improves survival odds in heart failure | Meta study 15.11.2020
How vitamin C might prevent blood vessel calcification 04.10.2020
Spermidine is a life extender | Animal study & some epidemiology 06.09.2020
Spermidine supplementation stops cardiovascular aging 05.09.2020
Green tea improves cholesterol 08.07.2020
Very old but in top shape | The promise of interleukin-37 21.06.2020
Smoking, alcohol and coke make anabolic steroids more dangerous for your heart 07.06.2020
B vitamins protect heart and blood vessels against air pollution 28.05.2020
A diet that inhibits inflammation protects against stroke and myocardial infarction 24.05.2020
You have to walk that many minutes every day if you want to live longer 10.05.2020
Chia lowers blood pressure (but that's not all) 03.05.2020
These two types of vegetables boost your vascular health 16.04.2020
This type of strength training is just as good for your cardiovascular health as running 20.03.2020
Combination of strength training with fish oil supplementation lowers blood pressure 18.02.2020
Eating time restriction makes you healthier 17.12.2019
Avocados improve your cardiovascular health even more than you think 19.09.2019
Drinking two glasses of cranberry juice per day increases HDL levels 19.09.2019
Worried about the cardiovascular side effects of anabolic steroids? Don't count on taurine... 05.09.2019
Daily cup of blueberries protects against heart attack 29.06.2019
Even if a low carbohydrate diet does not make you slimmer, it still makes you healthier 27.06.2019
25% of young steroids users have clogged coronary arteries 15.06.2019
Glucosamine protects against deadly heart attacks 11.06.2019
Fed up with your low-carbohydrate diet for a moment? Resist the urge to feast on carbs 30.03.2019
How fit men protect themselves against heart attacks 23.03.2019
The more pushups men are able to complete, the smaller their chance of having a heart attack or stroke 21.02.2019
White grape juice makes slimmer, increases HDL 22.01.2019
Exercise reduces blood pressure as much as medication 29.12.2018
Yogurt protects against heart attack, milk does not 06.11.2018
Does Grape Seed Extract protect your heart and blood vessels when you're on steroids? 23.08.2018
Healthy blood vessels, strong muscles 14.08.2018
Lycopene lowers blood pressure 06.08.2018
Daily piece of fruit protects against deadly heart attacks and strokes 17.07.2018
How chronic stress shortens your life 25.06.2018
The venous system, varices & Pycnogenol 20.06.2018
Improvement of diet improves your cholesterol, addition of juice, nuts and fish oil to a bad diet does not 12.06.2018
Walking at brisk pace is healthier 04.06.2018
Egg per day reduces risk of fatal cardiovascular disease 29.05.2018
Dietary and supplemental magnesium protects against arteriosclerosis 28.05.2018
Intermittent fasting lowers blood pressure 24.05.2018
If dietary improvement doesn't lower your cholesterol, try panthetine 20.05.2018
In combination with protein supplementation, this comprehensive training approach has more effect on body composition than just strength training 15.05.2018
After heart attack, Q10 makes the blood vessels healthier 14.05.2018
Fats from olive oil and nuts protect and rejuvenate blood vessels 10.05.2018
How healthy is red wine without alcohol? 26.04.2018
Improved Q10 analogue MitoQ rejuvenates old blood vessels in human study 24.04.2018
Soya protein makes men healthier, not less masculine 07.03.2018
Supplementation with 1200 milligram lecithin: feel stronger and make your blood vessels 10 years younger 24.02.2018
Brewer's yeast lowers blood pressure 01.02.2018
Optimal cardiovascular health requires both omega-3 fatty acids from plants and fish 31.01.2018
Daily portion of oyster mushrooms lowers glucose levels and improves cholesterol 25.01.2018
This cardio training schedule reverses cardiovascular aging 23.01.2018
Worrying about health increases the risk of heart attack 06.01.2018
Health improvements noticeable after just 4 days of more movement and less sitting 12.12.2017
Vitamin D protects against heart failure 31.10.2017
This is what happens if you eat 14 g goji berries every day 17.10.2017
This is what happens if you eat two handfuls of walnuts every day 11.10.2017
Lutein helps prevent hardening of the arteries by inhibiting inflammatory factors 23.08.2017
Q10 and selenium supplements halve chance of fatal cardiovascular disease 17.08.2017
Biggest study on cardiovascular side effects of steroids brings bad news for users 28.07.2017
Diet rich in anti-inflammatory factors helps prevent heart attack 19.07.2017
Potassium rich diet protects against stroke and reduces mortality risk 11.07.2017
This is what happens if you eat cashews instead of chips 24.06.2017
Positive cardiovascular effects of a handful of Brazil nuts last for a month 22.04.2017
Magnesium protects against hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and diabetes 08.04.2017
Fish oil for heart failure 03.04.2017
Fish oil from algae protects cardiovascular system too 18.02.2017
Fish only offers protection against heart attacks if you eat walnuts too 03.02.2017
Which diet reduces chance of fatal heart attacks, strokes and cancer? 23.01.2017
Pomegranate reduces cortisol by a third 10.01.2017
Two weeks of extra vitamin D: fitter, less quickly tired, lower blood pressure and less cortisol 07.01.2017
Half an hour exercise a day? Make that three hours... 20.12.2016
Magnesium supplement lowers blood pressure 17.12.2016
Vitamin C supplement lowers blood pressure 13.12.2016
Chlorella renders cholesterol in food harmless 10.12.2016
Tomatidine, a medicine against atherosclerosis from tomatoes 10.11.2016
Animal study: lower your cholesterol with acai 22.09.2016
Krill oil supplementation: big boost to HDL and lower LDL 08.08.2016
Aronia delays aging of heart and blood vessels 03.06.2016
Tinned fruit is not healthy 07.04.2016
Proof: show wrestling kills 16.01.2016
Thrombosis in the family? Careful with those steroids... 07.01.2016
Kiwis protect heart and blood vessels 27.12.2015
Whether you do a little or a lot, exercise is always healthy 17.10.2015
Lycopene and beta-carotene protect against heart attacks 16.10.2015
Garlic makes running healthier 14.10.2015
Too high vitamin D levels increase fatal cardiovascular disease rates 27.08.2015
Strength athletes' heart and blood vessels can take a couple of eggs for breakfast 20.05.2015
Red Blood Cell Width Distribution: another way in which resistance training extends life expectancy 06.05.2015
Cardiovascular disease: optimal fruit and veg intake is a pound a day, says meta-study 18.11.2014
Not a good idea to run more than 7 k a day if you've had a heart attack 28.09.2014
A year on a high-protein slimming diet is good for cardiovascular system 27.08.2014
High blood pressure? Get fit and live longer 12.08.2014
How cacao helps heart and blood vessels function better 20.07.2014
A diet which contains lots of vitamin K protects against against cardiovascular disease 20.05.2014
Walnuts make bad cholesterol harmless 16.05.2014
Strength training improves cholesterol level (a little) 26.03.2014
Testosterone therapy can increase chance of heart attack 23.03.2014
Chlorella makes blood vessels supple 15.03.2014
Cholesterol: half an hour a day of cardio works almost as well as an hour 18.02.2014
Eat nuts or peanuts, protect your heart and live longer 28.12.2013
Raw tomatoes boost HDL 06.10.2013
Animal study: strength training without steroids is good for heart and blood vessels 16.08.2013
Co-enzyme Q10 versus heart failure 24.06.2013
BCAAs improve cholesterol balance, says animal study 22.06.2013
Fish protects heart against stress 01.06.2013
Foam roller makes blood vessels suppler 31.05.2013
Curcumin boosts positive effect of exercise on blood vessels 08.05.2013
Strength training protects against high blood pressure 30.04.2013
Looking down on the elderly raises chance of heart attack 25.04.2013
Strength training helps prevent thrombosis 21.04.2013
Sleep less and you're more likely to have a heart attack 03.04.2013
Eggs not dangerous for heart and blood vessels 06.03.2013
Rhodiola rosea boosts heart muscle capacity in animal study 22.12.2012
Pycnogenol, a cardio friendly slimming supplement 16.10.2012
Dead bodybuilder's heart weighed a kilo 04.06.2012
Not all Red Yeast Rice supplements are effective or safe 02.06.2012
Just 15 minutes' walking per day extends life expectancy 14.05.2012
Just one testosterone injection can mess up your cholesterol level 04.05.2012
Plant-based low-carb diet is healthy 02.05.2012
Soya protein better for cardiovascular health than dairy protein 19.04.2012
Cacao contains endurance sports drug 11.04.2012
Watching TV is soooo bad for you 29.02.2012
Does Q10 offer strength athletes cardiac protection? 18.01.2012
Potassium supplement causes heart failure in bodybuilder 18.12.2011
Proper breathing technique doesn't make you less strong 04.06.2011
Strength training with light weights stiffens arteries, half an hour of cycling works better 25.03.2011
Only strength training of upper body stiffens arteries 16.03.2011
Stretching vs. artery stiffening 09.03.2011
Cardio session after strength workout keeps arteries supple 08.03.2011
Creatine keeps strength athlete's arteries supple 07.03.2011
Strength training stiffens arteries 06.03.2011
CLA as unhealthy as synthetic trans fatty acids 16.03.2010
Effect of testosterone on heart research unreliable 14.03.2010
Cocoa lightens exercise load for heart 12.03.2010
Selenium supplements 'bad for heart' 27.01.2010
Bulging biceps register too high blood pressure 28.09.2009
Main side-effect of oxymetholone is reduction in HDL 27.09.2009
Red Bull good/bad for heart 19.09.2009
Nolvadex rejuvenates blood vessels 27.08.2009
Drinking water protects against fatal heart attacks 23.08.2009
Blood clots in the heart destroy bodybuilder's liver 16.07.2009
Anabolic steroids almost kill bodybuilder pro during operation 19.06.2009
Cardio drugs protect heart against anabolic steroids 16.06.2009
Heavily taxed heart beats more slowly with fish oil 28.05.2009
Bodybuilding champion undergoes heart transplant 11.04.2009
PheraPlex enlarges the heart 31.12.2008
Live longer with healthy fats 30.12.2008
Cod-based protein diet reduces inflammation 11.12.2008
Cup of coffee good for cholesterol levels 09.12.2008
Cocoa boosts NO 07.12.2008
Afternoon nap halves risk of fatal heart attack 06.12.2008
Cranberries help liver clear more cholesterol out of your blood 05.12.2008
Nandrolone eleven times more damaging to blood vessels than testosterone 19.08.2008
How fish oil can help prevent heart attacks 02.11.2008