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Edible mushrooms keep skin young

If you often consume shiitakes, oyster mushrooms, white button mushrooms or other edible mushrooms, your skin will stay young longer. This is suggested by a small epidemiological study published by Japanese researchers at the Kyoto Medical Center in the Journal of Biomedicine.

The Japanese determined the amount of AGEs in the skin of over-65s with an AGE Reader from the Dutch company Diagnoptics. This machine determines the concentration of AGEs in human skin by measuring autofluorescence. The higher this autofluorescence, the more AGEs there are in a skin.

Edible mushrooms keep skin young

AGEs are complexes of carbohydrates and amino acids that accumulate in tissues during the aging process. The more AGEs you find in an organ, the greater the chance that it is affllicted by biologically aging and no longer functions properly.

You can read more about AGEs here.

The researchers found no significant associations between the intake of macronutrients or specific foods and the amount of AGEs in the skin. The only association they found was between the consumption of edible mushrooms and AGEs. The more mushrooms the study participants ate, the fewer AGEs were present in their skin.

Edible mushrooms keep skin young

Mushrooms are a source of vitamin D2, the researchers speculate. According to animal studies [Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2013;100(2):243-249.] and human studies, [J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2014;99(5):E886E890.] vitamin D stimulates the body to clean up AGEs. In addition, vitamin D inhibits the maillard reaction, causing the formation of AGEs.

Another possibility is that the rare amino acid ergothioneine, which is naturally present in mushrooms, inhibits harmful oxidation processes in the skin.

We, the arrogant compilers of this free webmagazine, have a different theory. Mushrooms activate immune cells, which remove AGEs fromthe body. You can read more about the immunomodulatory effect of mushrooms here, here, here and here.

Journal of Biomedicine 2017;2(1):8-11.

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