Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Spinach fights stress, inhibits stress hormone 19.04.2021
Suicidal ideation less prevalent in strong men 11.10.2020
EPA is an antidepressant 29.09.2020
Fruits and vegetables are natural antidepressants 28.04.2020
Combination of S-adenosylmethione and betaine combats mild depression 28.03.2020
Depression disappears faster due to less than an hour of strength training or cardio per week 16.11.2019
Healthy diet protects against depression 05.03.2019
Humulus lupulus supplement combats depression, anxiety, and stress 02.09.2018
Chlorella speeds up recovery from depression 15.12.2017
Depressed due to a vegetarian diet? On the contrary... 27.10.2017
Vitamin B12 shortage may make vegetarians depressed 26.10.2017
Coffee and caffeine can help prevent depression 26.08.2017
Magnesium is an antidepressant 12.08.2017
More chance of depression and dementia in old people with low zinc levels 11.05.2017
Recovery from depression faster with vitamin C supplement 23.03.2017
Mild depression disappears after taking fish oil for three weeks 15.11.2016
Simple multivitamin supplement can make you happier 20.06.2016
Mesterolone as an anti-depressant and pep pill 28.05.2016
Crisps and chocolate make you sombre; fruit makes you carefree and energetic 14.04.2016
The anti-depression diet 31.03.2016
Soya isoflavones enhance the effect of antidepressants 18.07.2015
Meta-study: only fish oil with high amounts of EPA effective antidepressant 22.03.2014
High-thiamine diet reduces chance of depression 18.03.2014
Krill oil makes you more intelligent and prevents depression 08.01.2014
Curcumin just as effective antidepressant as Prozac, study concludes 26.08.2013
Intensive weight training helps fight depression 05.06.2013
Chemical weight loss won't lift depression 20.04.2013
Healthy margarine makes you depressed, olive oil brightens you up 31.03.2010
Creatine helps women cheer up but not men 24.02.2010
Testosterone helps depression 08.06.2009