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Dandelion + rooibos = more testosterone

Dandelion + rooibos = more testosterone
A few days ago, we wrote about a recent South Korean test-tube study, in which testes cells started producing more testosterone after being exposed to an extract of the common dandelion. Would dandelion do the same in humans? Yes, a 2012 publication by the same Koreans suggests.

The 2012 publication in question appeared in Nutrition Research and Practice, and describes a test-tube study, an animal study, and a human study, all of which related to a supplement that the Koreans call CRS-10. As far as we know it is not on the market.

CRS-10 is a combination of dandelion extract and rooibos extract. Both extracts are water-based.

In vitro study
The researchers exposed testes cells to dandelion, rooibos or the combination of dandelion and rooibos. Dandelion and rooibos had no effect on the vitality of the cells, but the combination increased this vitality.

Dandelion + rooibos = more testosterone

Animal study
The researchers gave adult male rats nothing or a modest dose of CRS-10 every day for 4 weeks. If the rats had been adults, they would have received 400-600 milligrams of CRS-10 per day.

When the supplementation period was over, the researchers found more testosterone in the blood of the rats in the experimental group than in the blood of the rats in the control group. You can see that in the figure at the bottom left.

Click on the figure for a larger version.

Dandelion + rooibos = more testosterone

The researchers put the rats in an aquarium every day, and recorded how long the rats could keep swimming [retention time]. The rats in the experimental group became fitter than the rats in the control group. You can see this at the top right.

The testes of the rats given the dandelion-rooibos combination gained a little weight, while the testes' weight in the other group did not change. The sperm count in the sperm of the rats in the supplementation group increased. The sperm cells also became more active.

Dandelion + rooibos = more testosterone

Human study
The Koreans divided 30 men, all over 40, into 3 groups. For 4 weeks, one group took a placebo daily, a second group 200 milligrams of CRS-10 and a third group 400 milligrams of CRS-10.

Using questionnaires, the Koreans were able to determine that supplementation with 400 milligrams of extract reduced aging symptoms and improved men's quality of life [QOL].

Dandelion + rooibos = more testosterone

"CRS-10 effectively improved andropause syndromes clinically and also enhanced physical performance as well as activation of spermatogenesis", write the Koreans. "These positive effects may have occurred through protection and activation of Leydig cells, together with induced generation of endogenous testosterone."

More coming soon.

Nutr Res Pract. 2012;6(6):505-12.

Dandelion-based testosterone therapy? 02.04.2020

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