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CinDura, Cell-Tech's secret weapon

CinDura, Cell-Tech's secret weapon
If we can believe Laila Pharmacaeuticals' undoubtedly honest employees, then bodybuilders and other strength athletes can gain kilos of muscle mass, lose fat mass and at the same time become stronger if they take a mere 800 milligrams of the plant extract CinDura every day. No wonder a supplement company like Cell-Tech will use CinDura in its undoubtedly fantastic new product Next Gen.

During the 2018 Olympia bodybuilding event, Cell-Tech made public that it had taken a new component into use. [, Sep 14th, 2018]] Cell-Tech's Next Gen contains - in addition to creatine, BCAAs, trimethylglycine and phosphatidic acid - CinDura, a combination of extracts of the peel of the fruits of Garcinia mangostana and the leaves of Cinnamomum tamala.

A recommended daily dose of 2 scoops provides 800 milligrams of CinDura.

According to websites for the supplement industry, Cell-Tech has acquired the exclusive right to CinDura. And if even half of the stories about CinDura are correct, then we can fully understand why Cell-Tech want to keep this stuff to themselves. This stuff will make anabolic steroids obselete. Wanna bet?

CinDura, Cell-Tech's secret weapon

CinDura is a product of India-based Laila Nutraceuticals. According to Laila, it should increase the production of nitric oxide.

This month, staff members of Laila published a human study involving 38 subjects aged 18-39 years in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. All subjects had been training with weights for at least six months.

The researchers gave half of the test subjects 800 milligrams of CinDura every day for 6 weeks, and the other half a placebo.

The maximal strength [1RM] of the subjects in the experimental group increased considerably more than the maximum strength of the subjects in the control group.

CinDura, Cell-Tech's secret weapon

At the same time, supplementation with CinDura also improved body composition. In the control group, fat mass and fat-free mass remained at about the same in the control group, but respectively decreased and increased among the subjects who had received CinDura.

CinDura, Cell-Tech's secret weapon

CinDura had no effect on the IGF-1 and testosterone level of the subjects.

"The present clinical trial demonstrates that Garcinia mangostana and Cinnamomum tamala supplementation in combination with resistance training is effective in promoting muscle strength [and] growth [...] in resistance trained young males", the researchers summarize. "This study also indicates that the participants have tolerated well the Garcinia mangostana and Cinnamomum tamala supplementation."

"Future studies should be conducted to explore the underlying molecular mechanisms responsible for the anabolic activities of Garcinia mangostana and Cinnamomum tamala. Further, it would be interesting to evaluate whether Garcinia mangostana and Cinnamomum tamala supplementation can improve muscle functions and physical performances in aging males and untrained young men as well."

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2018 15:50.

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