Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Chlorella, an excellent source of carotenoids 20.07.2023
More muscle strength, less fat mass due to a few grams of chlorella per day, animal study 30.06.2021
Chlorella is an antidote against dioxins 10.06.2021
Human study: Chlorella increases VO2max 10.11.2018
Chlorella increases the effect of interval training 04.09.2018
Chlorella, the green life extender 01.09.2018
Chlorella speeds up recovery from depression 15.12.2017
Chlorella boosts immune system during heavy physical exercise 27.11.2017
Chlorella renders cholesterol in food harmless 10.12.2016
Chlorella supplement boosts maximal oxygen uptake 07.01.2015
Chlorella makes blood vessels supple 15.03.2014
Chlorella protects liver against hepatitis-C virus 12.02.2014
Chlorella keeps immune system up to scratch during training camp 16.03.2013
Chlorella fortifies immune system 02.12.2012
Weight loss with chlorella 14.12.2009