Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Athletes who drink coffee daily respond well to caffeine supplements 22.08.2023
210 or 420 milligrams - which dose of caffeine works better? 20.08.2023
Caffeine-taurine combination improves reaction time, agility and accuracy in athletes 04.06.2023
Safer on the highway after a cup of coffee 20.10.2022
Fat loss diet twice as effective if you supplement with caffeine 03.06.2022
Paraxanthine makes you stronger, more muscular and increases your stamina 02.05.2022
Combine caffeine with taurine for a faster sprint 07.12.2021
Caffeine takes the sting out of physical exertion without carbohydrates 04.12.2021
Adding coffee to post-workout meal speeds up glycogen recovery 13.11.2021
Whether or not you are used to caffeine, a cup of coffee improves sports performance 18.12.2019
1.9 percent faster running after a cup of coffee 13.12.2019
Combination of salbutamol, caffeine and high-calorie diet: more muscle, less fat 19.11.2019
After a cup of coffee, your brown fat cells produce more heat 04.07.2019
Relatively low and relatively high dose of caffeine equally effective for strength athletes 27.05.2019
The use of caffeine among Olympic athletes increases 12.02.2019
Caffeine increases calorie consumption by physical exercise 19.01.2019
During your cardio, caffeine stimulates fat oxidation as much as p-synephrine 18.11.2018
Caffeine chewing gum works twice as fast as caffeine in pills or capsules 19.09.2017
Coffee and caffeine can help prevent depression 26.08.2017
Coffee is healthy, but not caffeine 15.07.2017
Consuming caffeine while training? It works! 21.02.2017
Coffee better stimulant than caffeine pill for strength athletes 30.04.2016
Combination glucosylhesperidin and miniscule amount of caffeine is an effective slimming aid 13.02.2016
Theacrine: caffeine's gentler brother 12.02.2016
Speed up interval-training fat loss with supplement containing caffeine and green tea 19.01.2016
Animal study: L-theanine, caffeine and sleep 10.10.2015
Caffeine making you sleep badly? GABA helps 22.09.2018
Ornithine strengthens mental effects of caffeine 29.03.2015
Supplement with lactic acid and caffeine makes athletes' muscles bigger 02.03.2015
Cocktail to combat fat for ex-smokers: nicotine plus caffeine 14.09.2014
Cup of coffee reduces RSI arm pain 20.03.2014
Caffeine, not pseudo ephedrine, makes triathletes faster 26.01.2014
Touch of caffeine makes pre-workout shake more effective 27.11.2013
Can a few hundred mils of caffeine boost the anabolic effect of oxandrolone? 26.11.2013
Better strength training and less muscle pain after three cups of coffee 28.10.2013
EGCG and caffeine supplement keeps the cold out 26.02.2013
Caffeine and paracetamol are longevity drugs 28.09.2012
Tiny amount of caffeine can burn fat when combined with tea phenols 27.08.2012
Don't feel like training? Caffeine makes exercise more enjoyable 10.06.2012
Fit or not, caffeine works 18.04.2012
Small amount of caffeine gives strength athlete better grip on weights 24.02.2011
Double your endurance capacity with caffeine-carnitine mix 23.12.2011
Caffeine raises fat burning after strength training 18.09.2011
Creatine-caffeine combination works for all explosive sports 29.01.2011
Cirsium oligophyllum extract enhances slimming effect of caffeine 14.12.2010
Carb and caffeine combo speeds up post-training muscle recovery 12.10.2010
Caffeine chewing gum gives faster final sprint and higher testosterone levels 04.10.2010
If caffeine makes you feel like crying, it also makes you stronger 28.09.2010
How to combine creatine and caffeine and how not to 19.02.2010
Caffeine is most effective slimming component 25.12.2009
EGCG and caffeine mix increases body's energy burning by 178 kcal 29.11.2009
Megadose of caffeine before training raises testosterone level 25.07.2009
Why coffee drinkers and stacker users sometimes get the shakes 18.02.2009
Bodybuilder hospitalized after caffeine overdose 04.10.2008