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Supplement with Brazilian propolis makes deadly viruses less dangerous

After being infected with a potentially deadly influenza virus, supplementation with an extract of Brazilian propolis can keep laboratory animals alive that would otherwise have died. Phytochemicals in Brazilian propolis inhibit influenza virus replication.

Supplement with Brazilian propolis makes deadly viruses less dangerous

Brazilian propolis
Brazilian propolis, like regular propolis, is a bee product. Bees make propolis from the juices and resins of plants, and use it as a kind of cement in their nests.

Brazilian propolis is made by half-African bees that forage on the South American tree Baccharis dracunculifolia. A prominent active in Brazilian propolis is artepillin C, a phenol.

Biochemists from Kyushu University in Japan infect mice with a (for mice that is) deadly influenza virus. Some of the mice received a dose of a Brazilian propolis extract three times a day during the following seven days via the oral route, others received nothing.

The highest dose administered by the researchers was 10 milligrams of Brazilian propolis extract per kilogram of body weight, three times a day. The human equivalent of that dose is about three doses of 80 milligrams of extract each per day.

The mice that did not receive Brazilian propolis had all died by day 9 after the challenge. Seventy percent of the mice that had received the highest dose were still alive on day 10.

Supplement with Brazilian propolis makes deadly viruses less dangerous

In another experiment, the researchers infected mice with the virus and then gave them a daily dose of Brazilian propolis or the pharmacological virus inhibitor oseltamivir. A control group received no active substances.

Next, the researchers determined how many viruses were in the lungs of the mice, and found that Brazilian propolis reduced the concentration of viruses in the lungs compared to the control group. Apparently substances in the extract inhibit the replication of viruses.

Supplement with Brazilian propolis makes deadly viruses less dangerous

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