Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Collagen hydrolyzate as a skin rejuvenator | The most effective dose is surprisingly low 16.12.2023
In surprisingly small amounts, Aloe vera sterols improve skin 12.08.2023
Fruit supplementation improves skin hydration 06.08.2023
Hop extract increases bone density 16.06.2023
With or without hydrocortisone, supplementing with vitamin D reduces eczema 06.06.2023
EPA reduces eczema 31.05.2023
Low vitamin D levels induce acne 28.05.2023
30 milligrams of elemental zinc helps against acne 13.05.2023
Combination of fish oil and GLA stimulates hair growth 10.11.2022
Ellagic acid in berries, raspberries and strawberries blocks skin aging 02.05.2021
How propolis blocks skin aging 05.02.2021
Resveratrol turns vitamin C into an even more effective skinceutical 22.11.2020
This combination of astaxanthin and collagen keeps your skin young 17.11.2020
Astaxanthin, an anti-wrinkle supplement 03.11.2020
EPA, DHA, and GLA fight acne 27.06.2020
A capsule of MSM per day reduces wrinkles in a few months 05.06.2020
Edible mushrooms keep skin young 29.01.2020
More almonds, fewer wrinkles 17.10.2019
Raspberry ketone boosts skin's elasticity and stimulates hair growth 16.05.2019
Supplementation with orthosilicic acid may make fragile hair stronger 13.09.2018
Turkey tail extract keeps skin young 13.09.2018
Smoking makes you less attractive 19.12.2017
Hydrolysed collagen Verisol strengthens brittle nails 17.11.2017
Q10 combats wrinkles 16.06.2017
Lazy bones who takes up exercise rejuvenates skin 18.04.2017
Fish, fruit, vegetables and stress management reduce acne 22.03.2017
Scared of getting wrinkles? Cacao stops skin aging 15.02.2017
Skin ages less quickly with olive oil 30.07.2016
How to look younger than you really are 29.07.2016
Rosehips rejuvenate skin 06.07.2016
Vitamin B5 beats acne 03.01.2016
These beauty smoothies really work 01.10.2015
Hyaluronic Acid supplements restore moisture balance in dry skin 17.11.2014
Aronia reduces cellulite 25.09.2014
Five cups of green tea daily rejuvenates skin 10.09.2014
Skin cancer after using Melanotan-II 03.07.2014
Mucuna pruriens makes grey hair dark again 27.02.2014
1941: PABA returns colour to grey hair 26.02.2014
L-Carnitine helps hair grow 17.02.2014
Fish oil can help bad acne 14.02.2014
Passion fruit stimulates collagen production 17.11.2013
Hormone factor in Royal Jelly keeps skin young 25.07.2013
DHEA cream stops skin from aging 21.06.2013
Overdose of Melanotan-II causes muscle breakdown 14.03.2013
Cinnamon boosts IGF-1, rejuvenates skin 19.10.2012
Pycnogenol keeps skin young 06.10.2012
Grape Seed Extract helps prevent swollen legs 06.08.2012
How collagen keeps the wrinkles at bay 13.03.2012
Animal study: hydrolysed collagen keeps skin young 05.03.2012
High blood sugar level makes you look older 22.01.2012
Silicon supplement rejuvenates skin, hair and nails 14.09.2011
Vitamin C-Phosphate offers your hair protection from androgens 08.09.2011
Carotenoids not sunbeds make you more attractive 27.01.2011
Try ecdysteroids for younger skin and more muscle mass 28.11.2010
'Skin-ceutical' mix makes you slimmer and reduces wrinkles, says study 20.05.2010
Chinese date oil enhances hair growth 07.04.2010
Raised estradiol level gives men varicose veins 14.01.2010
Stanozolol keeps the skin young 10.07.2009
Into sunbathing? Fish oil protects your skin 10.03.2009
Soya-isoflavone supplement smoothes your skin 08.03.2009
Tomato puree protects skin against aging 13.10.2008