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Supplementing with astaxanthin turns walking into bodybuilding

Astaxanthin turns walking into bodybuilding
Walking is undeniably healthy, but it does not build up large and strong muscles. This changes if you combine walking with astaxanthin supplementation, researchers from the University of Washington report in the Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle. What would happen if you give astaxanthin to people who work out with weights?

The researchers got 42 subjects aged 65-82 to walk 3 times a week at a brisk pace on a treadmill for 3 months. Half of the subjects received a placebo, the other half a supplement that delivered 12 milligrams of astaxanthin, 10 milligrams of vitamin E as tocotrienol and 6 milligrams of zinc daily.

The researchers used an Astamed product, that you see above. Astamed sponsored the study.

At the end of the administration period, the astaxanthin concentration in the muscles of the test subjects in the experimental group was a factor of 26 higher than in the control group. Astaxanthin apparently accumulates in the muscles, the researchers suspect.

Before and after the administration period, the researchers determined how much force the test subjects' muscles could develop [MVC]. At the same time, they measured the muscle mass of the test subjects [CSA] with scans.

Both parameters increased more in the astaxanthin group than in the placebo group. In fact, the placebo group did not become stronger and did not gain muscle mass. [Bottom left]

Astaxanthin turns walking into bodybuilding

Before and after the supplementation period, the researchers determined the distance the test subjects could walk in 6 minutes, at a pace that was comfortable for them. This distance increased by approximately 8 percent in both groups. [Top right]

"Exercise training combined with a formulation of natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds improved muscle strength and size in elderly subjects more than exercise training alone", write the researchers. "This was done without sacrificing the improvements in walking distance and endurance that typically accompany endurance training."

J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. 2018 Oct;9(5):826-33.

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