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More grip on anxiety with vitamin B6

Are you burdened by concerns that are not serious enough from an objective standpoint to pay so much attention to? According to British psychologists, people with anxiety may benefit from a hefty dose of vitamin B6.

More grip on anxiety with vitamin B6

Psychologists at the University of Reading divided 478 students into 3 groups. For one month, the students in one group were given a placebo every day, while the students in the other two groups were given either a vitamin B12 supplement or a vitamin B6 supplement on a daily basis.

Vitamin B12 had no statistically significant effects in this study. We therefore ignore the effects of vitamin B12 in this post.

The vitamin B6 supplements provided 100 milligrams of pyridoxine HCl daily. The researchers used a product from Innopure. [] Innopure had nothing to do with the study.

Before and after the supplementation period, the researchers used standardized questionnaires to determine the students' tendency towards depression and anxiety. They also studied how the students responded to a variety of sensory stimuli.

There was a trend for vitamin B6 to reduce depression scores, but supplementation did not lead to a significant decrease. However, the decrease in anxiety scores in the students who used vitamin B6 was significant.

You can see this below.

More grip on anxiety with vitamin B6

The researchers found an increased surround suppression or visual contrast detection in the students in the vitamin B6 group. This is a subtle, and almost inexplicable phenomenon that suggests that the neurotransmitter GABA is more active in the brain.

More grip on anxiety with vitamin B6

The researchers therefore suspect that vitamin B6 does its job via GABA. Supplementation may increase the production of GABA or increase the interaction with the GABA receptor.

By the way, GABA is a neurotransmitter that mainly lowers the activity of other neutransmitters.

“Further research is needed to identify other nutrition-based interventions that benefit mental wellbeing, allowing different dietary interventions to be combined in future to provide greater results,” said lead author David Field in a press release. [ July 19, 2022]

"One potential option would be to combine vitamin B6 supplements with talking therapies such as cognitive behavioral yherapy to boost their effect."

Hum Psychopharmacol. 2022 Jul 19;e2852. doi: 10.1002/hup.2852. Online ahead of print.

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