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5 g rosehip powder improves function of worn out joints

Supplementation with 5 g rosehip powder reduces the pain that people with worn out joints feel, according to several Danish studies. Rosehip [scientific name Rosa canensis] also makes joints less stiff and improves daily functioning.

The researchers gave almost one hundred men and women with osteoarthritis [in other words worn out joints] 5 g rosehip powder daily for three months. The powder was in capsules and was manufactured by the Danish company Hyben-Vital. [] On another occasion the researchers gave their subjects a placebo for three months.

The subjects reported slightly more pain, stiffness and problems with everyday activities after taking the placebo than after taking the supplement. The subjects' assessment of the severity of their osteoarthritis increased slightly after taking the placebo and decreased slightly after taking the supplement.

5 g rosehip powder improves function of worn out joints

The effects observed from taking the rosehip supplement were not large, but statistically significant. And they were enough to reduce the use of painkillers by several tens of percent.

Meta study
Three years after the publication of the results of the Danish trial, other Danish researchers at Frederiksberg Hospital published a meta-study in which they re-analysed data from studies on the effect of rosehip on osteoarthritis. [Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2008 Sep;16(9):965-72.] The study described here was one of those three. In all three studies the researchers had used a daily dose of 5 g rosehip powder.

According to the meta-study, rosehip had no side effects. It also concluded that rosehip reduces pain from osteoarthritis and reduces painkiller use.

5 g rosehip powder improves function of worn out joints

"In conclusion, the dry powder of Rosa canina fruit or (rosehip powder) seems to have a consistent, small to moderate efficacy on pain in osteoarthritis patients", the makers of the meta-study concluded.

"The adverse events were similar to placebo in the available literature, and it seems safe to apply this herbal remedy, though long-term safety remains to be tested. The results of the present meta-analysis - that Rosa canina powder does reduce pain - should be further substantiated in a large-scale trial."

Scand J Rheumatol. 2005 Jul-Aug;34(4):302-8.

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