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Prohormone 19NorDiol is an estrogen

That's great.
For years supplements manufacturers sold products like 19NorDiol, a prohormone that converts into nandrolone. If Bush hadn't banned the first generation of prohormones in 2004, the stuff would still be on the market now.


Prohormone 19NorDiol is an estrogen
Searching the web for information on new remedies for osteoporosis we all have to make a living after all what do we come across?

An article on the active ingredient in 19NorDiol: 4-estrene-3-beta,17-beta-diol and its twin 4-estrene-3-alpha,17-beta-diol.The prohormone you can buy online is always a mixture of these two, whether you get old-fashioned stuff in capsules or in the hip cypionate form. In the body the enzymes 3-beta-HSD and 3-alpha-HSD convert the prohormones into nandrolone. See below.

Nothing new here.

But what do we read in the article on osteoporosis? That researchers have discovered that 19NorDiol mostly behaves as an androgen.

Prohormone 19NorDiol is an estrogen
Watch out for the word 'mostly', my friends. An earlier publication [Mol Pharmacol. 2003 Dec; 64(6): 1428-33.] indicated that the prohormone also attaches itself easily to the estradiol receptor - even though the gurus all swore that 19NorDiol does not have an estrogenic effect.

The table below shows how well the different estrens, 4-estrene-3-alpha,17-beta-diol ad 4-estrene-3-beta,17-beta-diol, interact with various steroid receptors. Note also the interaction with the progesterone receptor.

Prohormone 19NorDiol is an estrogen

The figure below is also interesting. It shows the effect of a series of hormones including the estrens on the uterus in test animals. The effect is reduced by half if the test animals are also given an anti-estrogen (AE). An anti-androgen (AA) inhibits even more, but still the message is clear.

Prohormone 19NorDiol is an estrogen

The precursor-industry fed consumers a hormone that was not only androgenic, but also an active estrogen. Now you know where your gyno came from.

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