Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Exercise burns up more fat after supplementing with cystine and glutamine

Exercise burns up more fat after supplementing with cystine and glutamine
Exercise burns up more fat after supplementing with cystine and glutamine


According to Japanese researchers, the cystine-glutamine combination increases the concentration of glutathione in the muscle cell during exercise.

Orientin, the longevity flavonoid in bamboo


The flavonoid orientin is found in the leaves of bamboo varieties. If you administer this substance to lab animals, they will live longer and they will also remain healthy and vital for longer in old age.

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Bad breath from proteins? Green tea helps

Bad breath from proteins? Green tea helps
Bad breath from proteins? Green tea helps


Substances in green tea such as EGCG inhibit the production of sulphurous gases by micro-organisms in the mouth.

Golfers hit further with creatine supplement


Golfers hit their balls 14 metres further after using a creatine supplement.

Alpha-GPC gave man (79) uncontrollable libido

Alpha-GPC gave man (79) uncontrollable libido
Alpha-GPC gave man (79) uncontrollable libido


Weird case study from Italy.

Creatine speeds up muscle recovery in endurance athletes


Creatine supplementation reduces damage caused by endurance exertion to muscle fibres. Human data.

How quercetin protects blood vessels against cholesterol

How quercetin protects blood vessels against cholesterol

How quercetin protects blood vessels against cholesterol
How quercetin protects blood vessels against cholesterol


Foods that contain significant amounts of quercetin analogs or similar substances protect against cardiovascular disease. This research explains how and why.

Light-intensity training still makes you fitter - thanks to creatine supplementation


This animal study suggests an endurance enhancing strategy that may come in handy during the off-season.

Glucosamine users are less likely to get cancer

Glucosamine users are less likely to get cancer
Glucosamine users are less likely to get cancer


Glucosamine especially protects people over sixty and people with a healthy body weight.

A life with ikigai is a longer life


If you do things in life that you are good at and at same time enjoy, with which you can earn an income and with which you also do a service to humanity, count your blessings.

Changing the position of the bar turns the back squat into another exercise


Strength athletes who train their legs with the back squat can give their quadriceps a stronger growth stimulus if they place the bar a little higher on their back. By contrast, if they put the bar a little lower...

Accept yourself and live three years longer


If you are at peace with yourself and satisfied with what you have achieved in your life, psychologists say you have a large degree of self-acceptance.

Combination Q10 and curcumin reduces migraines


And the side effects of this approach? According to this trial, they are not existent. Human data.

Building muscles without testosterone


It's possible. Human study.

The best muscle food is prepared in your own kitchen 16.11.2022
An anti-inflammatory diet may alleviate rheumatoid arthritis 15.11.2022
Fish reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, processed meat has the opposite effect 14.11.2022
Citrulline supplementation reduces muscle soreness and fatigue after an explosive workout 13.11.2022
Resveratrol is an anti-oestrogen 12.11.2022
GLA supplement helps tamoxifen work better 11.11.2022
Combination of fish oil and GLA stimulates hair growth 10.11.2022
Metastudy: selenium helps prevent prostate cancer 09.11.2022
Strength training results in more muscle growth thanks to this Korean protein supplement 08.11.2022
Cyclists do just as well on bananas as on sports drinks 07.11.2022
This daily dose of zinc increases your risk of prostate cancer 06.11.2022
Metformin, an old anti-diabetic that extends lifespan 05.11.2022
The BDNF Files | How summer & sunlight make you smarter and happier 04.11.2022
Get over your cold quicker with a hefty dose of zinc 03.11.2022
City dweller lives longer in a green neighborhood 02.11.2022
Fish oil protects for up to seven years against psychoses 01.11.2022

Ginkgo and DHA combination may protect against Alzheimer's | Animal study 31.10.2022
This dose of thiamine increases your glucose uptake 29.10.2022
Supplement with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and carotenoids increases working memory of people over 65 28.10.2022
Honey, an effective cough remedy 27.10.2022
Raisins for runners just as good as commercial sports food 26.10.2022
Under stress? Social support and hugs protect against viruses 25.10.2022
What happens when you combine interval training with a low-carb diet? 24.10.2022
Intermittent fasting makes your life better 23.10.2022
More dietary fiber for healthier lungs 22.10.2022
Pineapple reduces eye floaters 21.10.2022
Safer on the highway after a cup of coffee 20.10.2022
Grape Seed Extract protects against fatty liver disease 19.10.2022
More vitamin D, faster stress fracture recovery 18.10.2022
Red Bull breaks highway hypnosis 17.10.2022
Anise oil capsules break a bad mood 16.10.2022
Improved response to carbohydrates by beta-glucans from oats 15.10.2022
Daily dose of Echinacea lengthens life span 14.10.2022
Meta-study | In this dosage, L-tryptophan improves the quality of sleep 13.10.2022
Eighteen grams of whey before training increases your fat burning 12.10.2022
A vitamin D supplement to lower your triglycerides | Does that make sense? 09.10.2022
How does your health improve if you combine intermittent fasting with interval training? 08.10.2022
Less fat, more muscle - thanks to tryptophan supplementation? 07.10.2022
More vitamin D, less dental caries 06.10.2022
Lactic acid helps the body clear up tumors 04.10.2022
Chronic sleep deprivation makes you fatter - much fatter 02.10.2022
How many cups of coffee a day should you drink if you want to live longer?


At this dose, Q10 supplementation increases insulin sensitivity 30.09.2022
SR-9009 increases testosterone release by Leydig cells 29.09.2022
Orange oil aromatherapy may speed recovery from PTSD 28.09.2022
Little sleep, fat midriff 27.09.2022
Aromatherapy with bergamot oil enhances positive feelings 26.09.2022
How the combination of vigorous exercise and moderate-intensity exercise can extend life span 25.09.2022
How does the deadlift change when you attach elastic bands to the barbell? 24.09.2022
Berries inhibit arteriosclerosis 23.09.2022
Brainwashing makes the elderly fitter 22.09.2022
Why it may be better to take fish oil capsules in the morning 21.09.2022
Two pieces of advice for over-100s who want to live (even) longer 20.09.2022
Elderly fish eaters have better brains 19.09.2022
Vitamin D supplement accelerates recovery after concussion 18.09.2022
This variant of the single legged squat is the best exercise for the glutes 17.09.2022
Supplement with Q10 improves treatment of depression 16.09.2022
You'll put on weight less quickly with dark than milk chocolate 15.09.2022
Burn more calories, sleep better 14.09.2022
Vitamin D supplement protects diabetic DNA from free radicals 13.09.2022
Vitamin C reduces risk of death by 25 percent 12.09.2022
A little extra exercise lifts you out of sleep poverty 11.09.2022
The antidiabetic effect of vitamin D 10.09.2022
Glucose level out of control? Maybe a vitamin D supplement helps 09.09.2022
Strength training works as medicine for schizophrenia 08.09.2022
More exercise improves quality of life on all fronts 07.09.2022
Multivitamin pill helps children think more accurately 06.09.2022
This multivitamin makes men feel better 04.09.2022
Combination of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids improves neurological recovery after concussion 03.09.2022
Siberian ginseng: endurance capacity up by 23 percent 02.09.2022
Sleep deprivation shortens men's lifespan 01.09.2022

The Duracell effect of probiotics 31.08.2022
Vitamin D reduces risk of death from covid | Research among unvaccinated covid patients 30.08.2022
Pinoresinol and vanillic acid | Phytochemicals that mimic the anabolic effect of IGF-1 29.08.2022
Stress reduces life expectancy at molecular level 28.08.2022
Strength training increases success of attempts to quit smoking 27.08.2022
A little physical activity reduces the risk of covid | Meta-study 26.08.2022
Strength training improves student grades 25.08.2022
Strength training makes elderly people mentally stronger 24.08.2022
Milk may be a risk factor for depression, yogurt and kefir are not 23.08.2022
Biotin, a feel-good vitamin? 22.08.2022
Hesperetin, the cellular rejuvenator from citrus fruits 21.08.2022
Yoga makes diabetics healthier 20.08.2022
Imaginary training can replace the real thing 19.08.2022
Dry eyes? Maybe tuna will help 15.08.2022
You're less strong with your eyes closed 14.08.2022
Supplements with omega-3 fatty acids effective against dry eyes 13.08.2022
Handful of ornithine caps before strength training boosts growth hormone level 12.08.2022
600 mg alpha-GPC = more post-training growth hormone 11.08.2022
How to use galantamine for lucid dreaming 10.08.2022
Little time, but still want to get fitter? Try interval training 09.08.2022
Combination of strength training with fish oil supplementation keeps aging muscles strong 08.08.2022
Burn more calories to increase your life span 07.08.2022
So it's really possible | Increasing your muscle mass during a rigorous weight loss diet 06.08.2022
Beta-alanine works better if you take it with meals 05.08.2022
Alarming drop in testosterone levels in young men 04.08.2022
Why moderate continuous activity is a better antidepressant than HIT 03.08.2022
Constant fight against appetite reduces life expectancy 02.08.2022

Two tablespoons of sesame seeds make soccer players fitter and faster 31.07.2022
Less lonely, longer life 30.07.2022
Squat produces more growth hormone and testosterone than leg press 29.07.2022
Optimal fruit and veg intake is a pound a day, says meta-study 28.07.2022
How vitamin E supplementation can contribute to vitamin E deficiency 27.07.2022
Weight loss: faster and healthier with 2 meals a day 26.07.2022
Vitamins reduce side effects of oral contraceptives 25.07.2022
A child that still needs you lengthens your life expectancy 23.07.2022
More grip on anxiety with vitamin B6 22.07.2022
A supplement that mends a broken heart 21.07.2022
What helps better against prostate problems? Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin extract supplements? 20.07.2022
Food for dreams 19.07.2022
Taurine, a supplement for diabetics 18.07.2022
Waist measurement says more about health than BMI 17.07.2022
Body fat melts away with gum Arabic 16.07.2022
Sleep better with chamomile 15.07.2022
CBD oil accelerates muscle recovery after strenuous exercise 14.07.2022
Weight loss with sibutramine goes faster when L-carnitine is added 13.07.2022
Reduction of prostate cancer risk by a few tablespoons of beans a day 12.07.2022
Carnitine supplementation promotes fat loss | Meta-study 11.07.2022
Your word use reveals the age you are likely to reach 10.07.2022
Placebos work even if you know you're taking a placebo 09.07.2022
Focus on muscles during strength training for more hypertrophy 08.07.2022
St. John's wort reduces depression | Meta-study 07.07.2022
Anthocyanins in blueberries: more muscle and less fat 06.07.2022
Daily dose of 1500 mg of taurine slows aging 05.07.2022
Focus on muscle group during strength training does not result in more reps 04.07.2022
Why it's better to take fish oil capsules at dinner 03.07.2022
Bench presses with elastic band result in 32 percent more strength 02.07.2022
Do you want to prevent virus infection? Reduce long-term stress 01.07.2022

More HDL, less CRP | How MSM might reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease 30.06.2022
Focus on muscle group during strength training does not result in more strength 29.06.2022
Stress course does away with need for doctor 28.06.2022
Cannabidiol may protect against SARS-CoV-2 infection 27.06.2022
Focus on a muscle group during strength training | This is the effect 26.06.2022
Protein supplement and multivitamin users feel fitter and healthier 25.06.2022
Is curcumin acetylsalicylate a life extender? 24.06.2022
Which exercise is better? The pull-up or the pull-down? 23.06.2022
The three best weightless exercises for your glutes 22.06.2022
A little bit of Royal Jelly increases testosterone level by 22 percent 21.06.2022
Mushrooms, green tea reduce chance of breast cancer by factor of 10 20.06.2022
Dietary spermidine extends your lifespan (by maybe 6 years) 19.06.2022
Slower carbohydrates, fewer migraines 18.06.2022
More physical activity, more fertility 16.06.2022
Spermidine keeps the heart young | Animal study 15.06.2022
Blackcurrant extract increases fat oxidation during moderate-intensity exercise 14.06.2022
Best way to do a lat pull-down: bar to your chest, not in your neck 13.06.2022
Living in rural areas better for mental health than living in the city 12.06.2022
It's healthier to run in the fields than on the treadmill 11.06.2022
SAMe mitigates major depression 10.06.2022
Flu shot lowers testosterone level 09.06.2022
Avoiding carbohydrates is preventing migraines 08.06.2022
Bowl of low-fat yoghurt in the afternoon makes dieting easier 07.06.2022
Women, testosterone and sex | And zinc 06.06.2022
Meta-study | Strength training with weights equivalent to strength training with elastic bands 05.06.2022
Training shoulders with elastic band just as effective as using weights 04.06.2022
Fat loss diet twice as effective if you supplement with caffeine 03.06.2022
Surviving covid thanks to GABA supplementation 02.06.2022
FAS inhibitor Tamarindus indica slows the growth of adipose tissues 01.06.2022