Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Unusual Muscle Building Strategies

Drone milk: boosts testosterone and has an anabolic effect too 08.04.2014
Resveratrol may speed up muscle growth 05.04.2014
Onion juice: helps boost rats' testosterone, has pro-sexual effect 28.03.2014
Aromatase inhibitors give women more muscle mass 24.03.2014
Bolandiol: the cheapest SARM was marketed as a prohormone 21.03.2014
Raloxifene: anti-oestrogen that boosts lean body mass and reduces fat 11.03.2014
Cacao flavonoid (-)-epicatechin inhibits myostatin and strengthens muscles 05.02.2014
Animal study: probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri ATCC 6475 boosts testosterone synthesis 04.02.2014
Strong bones, osteocalcin and high testosterone synthesis 23.01.2014
Ashwagandha: more muscle strength, more lean body mass & lower fat percentage 19.12.2013
Vitamin C strengthens muscles in the elderly 23.11.2013
Chlorogenic acid chases glucose into muscle cells 19.11.2013
Green tea speeds up muscle recovery after heavy training 11.11.2013
The anabolic effect of combining salbutamol with L-dopa 02.11.2013
The anti-catabolic effect of a couple of grams of L-carnitine 02.10.2013
Vitamin D3 boosts anabolic effect of leucine 19.09.2013
Leucine supplement helps casein build muscles 14.09.2013
Maybe it's possible to stack leucine with HMB 24.08.2013
Build 9 kg more lean body mass with HMB-ATP combo 21.07.2013
DHEA boosts muscle build-up from strength training 15.07.2013
Cell study: more arachidonic acid, more muscle growth 11.04.2013
Fish oil with high EPA stimulates muscle building 06.04.2013
Paederia foetida boosts testosterone level and has anabolic effect 05.02.2013
8-Prenylnaringenin: a natural anabolic for women 18.01.2013
Green tea has a slightly anabolic effect on strength athletes 14.01.2013
Resveratrol keeps older endurance athletes fitter 14.12.2012
How to make training with light weights just as effective as training with heavy weights 09.12.2012
Broccoli diet for more muscle cells 07.12.2012
28-Homobrassinolide boosts testosterone synthesis 28.10.2012
Phosphatic acid works for strength athletes 14.11.2012
Ursolic acid is an all round sports supplement 21.10.2012
Human study: protein pulse gives anabolic stimulus 18.10.2012
Hesperidin stimulates formation of new muscle tissue 15.10.2012
Combination of strength training and green tea gives elderly more muscle mass 12.10.2012
Combo strength training and vitamin D makes waist slimmer 05.10.2012
Aromatase inhibitors help women react better to strength training 24.09.2012
Prunes boost IGF-1 levels in humans 24.06.2012
In-vitro study: vitamin D helps muscle cells grow 30.05.2012
The testosterone effect of ibuprofen 20.04.2012
Combine strength training with stretching and you’ll get stronger 16.04.2012
Higher growth hormone peak makes hypoxia-gym training more effective 29.03.2012
Dash of melatonin boosts post-training GH 09.03.2012
Goji protects muscle cells against exhaustion 21.02.2012
Seniors who take fish oil supplements react better to strength training 20.02.2012
Not so young any more? Leucine still works – with extra antioxidants 29.01.2012
Animal study: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose reduces fat mass but boosts muscle growth 28.01.2012
Diet rich in mono-unsaturated fat boosts EPOC 17.01.2012
The slower your reps, the more your muscles grow 06.01.2012
Weight-gain cherry diet: more muscle mass, less fat 03.12.2011
Anthocyanins in blueberries: more muscle and less fat 26.11.2011
Animal study shows anabolic effect of 28-homobrassinolide 09.11.2011
Slow carbs make you more muscular and more active: animal study 03.10.2011
Go for slow carbs and grow slimmer and more muscular 30.09.2011
Animal study: resveratrol keeps astronauts' muscles and bones strong 24.09.2011
The anabolic effect of garlic 16.08.2011
More magnesium means more testosterone and IGF-1 06.08.2011
Ursolic acid: apple anabolic 05.08.2011
Heat treatment boosts anabolic effect of strength training 01.08.2011
Bodybuilders grow five times faster in hypoxia gym 29.06.2011
Curcumin helps damaged muscle recover faster 13.06.2011
Curcumin isn't anticatabolic at all – it's anabolic 07.06.2011
Brassinosteroids are anabolic 02.06.2011
Broccoli diet for more muscle cells 24.05.2011
Turmeric inhibits conversion of amino acids into glucose 05.05.2011
Vitamin D improves muscle quality 16.04.2011
Want bigger biceps? Use the hormone peak after leg training 23.03.2011
Cinnamon piles the glucose on in the muscles 09.02.2011
The anabolic effect of water in strength training 08.02.2011
Fish oil boosts muscle growth in elderly 11.01.2011
Anabolic fenugreek extract Torabolic works inexplicably well 26.12.2010
N-Carbamyl Glutamate versus L-arginine 15.12.2010
Laser therapy speeds up post strength-training recovery 11.12.2010
N-Carbamyl Glutamate boosts muscle tissue synthesis 09.12.2010
You'll get more progression if you do a long set at the end of a training session 05.12.2010

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