Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Users of dating apps use anabolic steroids more often 10.06.2019
15 minutes of meditation has about the same psychological effects as a day off 08.06.2019
The secret to a healthy old age? Stay in control of your anger 11.05.2019
Not a history of a lot of physical activity, but a history of a lot of mental well-being makes you physically active now 06.05.2019
Your life partner's happiness extends your life span 15.04.2019
Fish oil capsules reduce aggression within six weeks 09.01.2019
Losing weight by exercising? This little piece of knowledge will make your attempts more successful 18.12.2018
Women prefer men with muscle strength 06.12.2018
Extract of Passiflora incarnata works just as well against ADHD as Ritalin 05.12.2018
Steroid users are more impulsive, impatient and unhappy than natural athletes 07.11.2018
Supplement with tryptophan makes you more dominant 05.11.2018
Tryptophan supplementation increases emotional intelligence 29.10.2018
Stims make bodybuilders and powerlifters with a traumatic past feel miserable 13.10.2018
A straight posture makes difficult mental tasks easier 14.09.2018
Dreams are a measure of mental health 28.08.2018
Sleep deprivation causes 'social leprosy' 22.08.2018
Investing time & energy in others makes you happier 30.07.2018
Yoga and meditation can not push the ego aside 26.07.2018
Androgens give users an excuse for aggression 13.07.2018
Religion as a life-extender: more is better 09.07.2018
More testosterone means more appreciation for status symbols 08.07.2018
Obituaries reveal the secret of a long life: religion 17.06.2018
Gram of vitamin C makes the anxious less anxious 31.05.2018
Need more energy? Take a placebo! 08.05.2018
Give up Facebook, lower your cortisol 13.04.2018
Supplementation with 1200 milligram lecithin: feel stronger and make your blood vessels 10 years younger 24.02.2018
Cannabidiol makes you less shy within three hours 02.02.2018
Worrying about health increases the risk of heart attack 06.01.2018
It's easier to say 'no' when you take an L-tryptophan supplement 28.12.2017
A high-intensity workout that's not too unpleasant 14.12.2017
Warmth and competence enhance placebo effect 25.09.2017
Knowing you're doing physical exercise makes it healthier 10.09.2017
Physical exercise becomes less healthy if you think you're not doing much 03.09.2017
The placebo effect makes exercise even more healthy 02.09.2017
Not fit? You can benefit from the placebo effect of sports products 21.08.2017
Smiling makes you look older 08.07.2017
Subjective age says more about chance of serious illness than objective age 28.04.2017
Conflictive and stressful relationships are fatal 30.03.2017
Steroids use doesn't influence judges' sentencing 25.03.2017
Loneliness leads to first stages of dementia 09.02.2017
Good comics die sooner 19.12.2016
Strange guys, those bodybuilders 09.12.2016
Book readers live a few years longer 21.11.2016
Diet rich in omega-6 fatty acids stimulates psychoses 14.07.2016
Concentrating on positive feelings during adversity extends life expectancy 21.06.2016
Why intensive cardio training usually doesn't work 29.05.2016
Better weight loss results with self-hypnosis 30.05.2016
Anabolic steroids use in women is often a man's job 16.05.2016
Doctors stigmatise steroids users 10.05.2016
Anabolic steroids make you more scared 04.05.2016
Chasing after happiness will only make you less happy 24.04.2016
Less anxiety and worry with vitamin C 20.04.2016
Crisps and chocolate make you sombre; fruit makes you carefree and energetic 14.04.2016
The anti-depression diet 31.03.2016
Five (well, four really) things you can do to be happier 30.03.2016
People who eat vegetables are happier and more creative 24.02.2016
Watching aggressive videos can boost muscle strength 15.02.2016
Strength training works as medicine for schizophrenia 21.11.2015
A supplement that mends a broken heart 11.11.2015
Fish oil protects for up to seven years against psychoses 09.10.2015
Fitness foods make you fat 21.09.2015
Belief factor crucial for effect of supplements 10.09.2015
Placebos work even if you know you're taking a placebo 05.09.2015
Feeling tense? Need more energy? A short training session is more effective than resting 19.08.2015
13-OXO-ODA, esculeoside-A and GABA in tomato juice reduce menopause symptoms 05.08.2015
Soya isoflavones enhance the effect of antidepressants 18.07.2015
Stop worrying, go and start strength training 13.07.2015
You'll be most motivated to do strength training when you chose the weights yourself 28.06.2015
Cocoa makes you alert 26.06.2015
Resistance training and cardio training offer protection against burnout 13.06.2015
Fast food makes your life less pleasurable 08.05.2015
Beta-Alanine offers protection against post-traumatic stress disorder 16.04.2015
Training together is less painful 21.03.2015
Cardio workout is pleasanter if you decide yourself how hard you train 17.03.2015
High-intensity cardio too much for obese people 11.03.2015
Brainwashing makes the elderly fitter 10.02.2015
Sulforaphane supplement mitigates autism traits 08.02.2015
Outdoor workouts motivate better than indoor workouts 10.01.2015
What steroids users aren't told until it's too late 14.10.2014
Daily half hour of meditation protects against burnout 09.09.2014
Grunting tennis player, faster ball 25.08.2014
Loneliness makes stress even more unhealthy 15.08.2014
A life with a purpose lasts longer 10.08.2014
Stressed out strength athletes take longer to recover post-workout 05.08.2014
Proof: stress makes you fat 03.08.2014
Animal study: sunbathing is addictive 08.07.2014
Cynical over 65s more likely to develop dementia 21.06.2014
Endurance athletes who talk to themselves perform better 29.05.2014
Dream what you want with DMAE 16.04.2014
Meta-study: only fish oil with high amounts of EPA effective antidepressant 22.03.2014
Daily capsule of phosphatidylserine-DHA-complex improves memory in over 60s 16.03.2014
High-thiamine diet reduces chance of depression 08.03.2014
Women find fast cyclists attractive 07.03.2014
Magnesium and vitamin B6 combination mitigates ADHD 06.03.2014
Lonely men have higher testosterone levels 04.03.2014
50 mg vitamin B1 supplement improves your mood and speeds up your reactions 02.03.2014
L-Carnitine reduces ADHD symptoms 01.03.2014
Combination of L-lysine and L-arginine reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels 21.02.2014
Krill oil makes you more intelligent and prevents depression 18.01.2014
Paracetamol softens the realisation that we are mortal 07.11.2013
Testosterone makes you more indifferent 30.10.2013
One gram paracetamol reduces your hurt feelings 29.10.2013
Testosterone makes men more honest 20.10.2013
Curcumin just as effective antidepressant as Prozac, study concludes 26.08.2013
You run faster on the treadmill if you watch music videos 19.06.2013
Positive emotions extend life expectancy by ten years 13.06.2013
Intensive weight training helps fight depression 05.06.2013
Feeling of being in control lengthens life 15.05.2013
Your word use reveals the age you are likely to reach 11.05.2013
Music lowers testosterone level 09.05.2013
Positive view of life after retirement extends life expectancy 29.04.2013
Looking down on the elderly raises chance of heart attack 25.04.2013
No fear in the face of aging extends life expectancy 23.04.2013
Chemical weight loss won't lift depression 20.04.2013
Exercise less tiring in green surroundings 11.02.2013
The calming effect of tamoxifen 31.01.2013
Meditation prevents colds 15.12.2012
Child that still needs you lengthens your life expectancy 05.12.2012
Can the testosterone supplement N1-T cause a psychosis? 06.09.2012
You're less strong with your eyes closed 03.08.2012
Join Greenpeace and double your chance of good health 15.07.2012
Words of encouragement make you stronger and fitter 03.07.2012
Walking in green areas healthier than walking in the city 20.06.2012
Vitamin S prolongs your life 16.06.2012
Meditation delays molecular aging 12.06.2012
Don't feel like training? Caffeine makes exercise more enjoyable 10.06.2012
Contented men live longer, contented women don't 29.04.2012
Contented people live longer 22.04.2012
Imaginary training can replace the real thing 08.04.2012
Stay fit and untroubled by negative feelings for a long life 04.04.2012
Feeling good? You're likely to live longer 24.03.2012

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