Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Olive Oil & Olive Extracts

Oleuropein boosts testosterone level, lowers cortisol secretion, stimulates anabolism 17.12.2013
Olive Leaf Extract helps damaged cartilage to heal more quickly 09.08.2012
Olive Leaf Extract reduces stomach fat 31.07.2012
Olive Leaf Extract boosts concentration of active thyroid hormone 26.07.2012
Live longer with monounsaturated fatty acids 22.02.2012
Diet rich in mono-unsaturated fat boosts EPOC 17.01.2012
Slim effortlessly: use olive oil instead of butter 13.01.2012
Animal study: olive oil strengthens bones 07.12.2011
Animal study: olive oil is good for (old) muscles 12.08.2011
Your body burns unsaturated fat better after exercise 11.11.2010
Why you stay slimmer more easily with olive oil than with saturated fats 31.10.2010
Healthy margarine makes you depressed, olive oil brightens you up 31.03.2010
Olive oil converts cholesterol more easily into testosterone 01.09.2009
More adrenalin through olive oil 23.06.2009
Life-extending effect of virgin olive oil shown in fat rats 22.05.2009
'Healthy fats' diet keeps those lost pounds off 11.01.2009
Live longer with healthy fats 30.12.2008