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Training stimulates action of methandrostenolone

Training makes methandrostenolone the active ingredient in Dianabol more active. According to an animal study that has been published in Archives of Toxicology, intensive training boosts the muscle-growth effect of methandrostenolone... Even in muscles you haven't trained.

The researchers, working at the German Sport University Cologne, are doing fundamental research on anabolic steroids and their side effects. For this experiment they gave half of a group of male rats the equivalent of 50 mg methandrostenolone per day, and the other half nothing. The researchers dissolved the steroid with DMSO in groundnut oil, and injected the rats with the oil.

The researchers then trained half of the animals in each group and did not train the other half. Training consisted of getting the rats to run at high speed in a mill for 15 minutes a day. The speed was meant to imitate the exertion of a strength training session.

The experiment lasted 21 days.

In the figures below C stands for the rats that did not train and were not given methandrostenolone; T for the rats that trained but were not given methandrostenolone; M for the rats that were given methandrostenolone but did not train and MT for the rats that trained and were given methandrostenolone.

The rats did not train their levator ani muscle. The growth of this muscle is a classic indicator of the anabolic effect of anabolic steroid hormones. Nevertheless the muscle grew more in the rats that had exercised and taken methandrostenolone than in the rats that were only given the steroid and didn't exercise. The combination resulted in an increased production of the androgen receptor [AR] in some muscles - and in the prostate.

Training stimulates action of methandrostenolone

Nevertheless, the prostate was the same size in the MT and the M group rats after 21 days.

Mechanism unknown
The researchers are not sure why this was the case, but it seems that physical exercise activates methandrostenolone [structural formula show above] in such a way that the steroid induces muscles that you are not exercising to grow as well. At the same time exercise ensures that the undesirable androgenic side effects of methandrostenolone don't increase. Strange. Very strange.

Arch Toxicol. 2012 Jan;86(1):109-19.

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