Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Bowel cancer less likely to develop in asparagus lovers

Bowel cancer less likely to develop in asparagus lovers


Asparagus strengthens a system that healthy cells use to protect themselves against cancer cells.

Glucosamine, the life extender


Glucosamine extends lives according to Swiss and German molecular biologists by imitating the effect of a low-carbohydrate diet.

DMAE as slimming supplement


The claim is not entirely without scientific foundation, we discovered after a little detective work, although the arguments used are a little thin.

Pycnogenol aids triathlon training


Athletes preparing themselves for the triathlon achieve better training results if they use Pycnogenol. Human study.

1973 animal study: DMAE extends lifespan


If you give aging, but not too old, healthy lab mice a little DMAE every day, they live 50 percent longer than lab mice that are not given DMAE.

Squat technique worsens with lots of reps and sets


Training programmes in which strength athletes perform squats by doing lots of reps and sets with relatively low weights harbour danger.

Daylight in the morning has slimming effect


You can lose weight more easily, or stay more easily at the same weight, by making sure you go outside for about half an hour each morning.

Dream what you want with DMAE


DMAE, a supplement available in every vitamin shop, induces lucid dreams.

Live longer? Don't take pills, eat more veg...


The more veggies you eat, the longer you will live. Epidemiology.

Influenza virus less harmful with goji supplement


It's not impossible that all those health freaks who take goji, the controversial super-food, are more likely to survive a nightmare epidemic than the sensible types who think goji berries are just a fashion fad.

The best high-protein slimming diet contains lots of taurine and glycine 13.04.14
Phytochemical 'super-cocktail' tames cancer cells 12.04.14
Meta-study: DHEA improves body composition of older men 11.04.14
Dirt-cheap magnesium supplement improves sleep 10.04.14
BCAAs can protect smokers' muscle mass 09.04.14
Drone milk: boosts testosterone and has an anabolic effect too 08.04.14
Twelve weeks' training with HMB Free Acid: 7 kg lean body mass gain, 5 kg fat loss 07.04.14
Animal study: curcumin protects bones after the menopause 06.04.14
Resveratrol may speed up muscle growth 05.04.14
Animal study: spirulina helps prevent breast cancer 04.04.14
Watermelon prevents sore muscles 03.04.14
Curcumin is a mild anti-oestrogen 02.04.14
Better sports drinks or pre-workout shakes contain L-citrulline 01.04.14
Lose weight three times faster with XLS Medical 31.03.14
Cause of death steroids usually means recreational drugs 30.03.14
Onion extract boosts testosterone level too 29.03.14
Onion juice: helps boost rats' testosterone, has pro-sexual effect 28.03.14
Curcumin boosts testosterone level 27.03.14
Strength training improves cholesterol level (a little) 26.03.14
Extra meat makes strength training more effective 25.03.14
Aromatase inhibitors give women more muscle mass 24.03.14
Testosterone therapy can increase chance of heart attack 23.03.14
Meta-study: only fish oil with high amounts of EPA effective antidepressant 22.03.14
Bolandiol: the cheapest SARM was marketed as a prohormone 21.03.14
Cup of coffee reduces RSI arm pain 20.03.14
Animal study: cranberries are an anti-aging drug 19.03.14
Make your push-ups more effective with suspension straps 18.03.14
Beta-alanine shaves four seconds off runners' 800 metres 17.03.14
Daily capsule of phosphatidylserine-DHA-complex improves memory in over 60s 16.03.14
Chlorella makes blood vessels supple 15.03.14
High glucose levels reduce testosterone production 14.03.14
Underground injectable containing arsenic kills bodybuilder 13.03.14
Anti-oestrogen supplement Esto Suppress contains tamoxifen 12.03.14
Raloxifene: anti-oestrogen that boosts lean body mass and reduces fat 11.03.14
Whey only counteracts growth-reducing effect of alcohol a little 10.03.14
Lychee extract boosts athletes' endurance capacity 09.03.14
High-thiamine diet reduces chance of depression 08.03.14
Women find fast cyclists attractive 07.03.14
Magnesium and vitamin B6 combination mitigates ADHD 06.03.14
Stretch 'n' steroid combination produces muscle growth 05.03.14
Lonely men have higher testosterone levels 04.03.14
Strength training helps keep post-menopausal women slim 03.03.14
50 mg vitamin B1 supplement improves your mood and speeds up your reactions 02.03.14
L-Carnitine reduces ADHD symptoms 01.03.14
Month of weight training with prohormone 3-beta-hydroxy-5-alpha-androst-1-en-17-one: four lean kgs' gain 28.02.14
Mucuna pruriens makes grey hair dark again 27.02.14
1941: PABA returns colour to grey hair 26.02.14
High-intensity interval resistance training boosts EPOC 25.02.14
Abductions better with elastic band than on machine 24.02.14
How propolis kills breast cancer cells 23.02.14
The DNP effect of anacardic acid in cashew nuts 22.02.14
Combination of L-lysine and L-arginine reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels 21.02.14
Trimethylglycine stimulates muscle growth via IGF-1 20.02.14
Post-workout whey shake with BCAAs more effective than milk 19.02.14
Half an hour a day of cardio works almost as well as an hour 18.02.14
L-Carnitine helps hair grow 17.02.14
Swop your desk chair for a therapy ball, and keep slim 16.02.14
Less than half of all herbal supplements actually contain what's on the label 15.02.14
Fish oil can help bad acne 14.02.14
Every cup of coffee you drink diminishes your chances of prostate cancer (a little) 13.02.14
Chlorella protects liver against hepatitis-C virus 12.02.14
Rapid weight loss without losing muscle: combine intermittent fasting and cardio 11.02.14