Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Immune System

Influenza virus less harmful with goji supplement 14.04.2014
Chlorella protects liver against hepatitis-C virus 12.02.2014
150 g white button mushrooms a day help immune system recognise pathogens 06.02.2014
Two-week cranberry course gives six months protection against bladder infections 25.01.2014
Cranberries help immune system fight colds and flu 17.01.2014
Oyster mushrooms keep athletes disease free 12.12.2013
Banaba flavonoid quercetin-7-glycoside protects against virus infection 23.06.2013
Proline supplementation stimulates immune system 14.05.2013
Combination of L-cystine and L-theanine reduces chance of catching cold by seventy percent 13.04.2013
A good night's rest protects against colds 28.03.2013
Sleep speeds up post-viral healing 23.03.2013
Athletes who take Polypodium leucotomos are less often ill 18.03.2013
Chlorella keeps immune system up to scratch during training camp 16.03.2013
Suffer from continuous colds? Try vitamin D3 24.02.2013
Flu shot works better with AHCC 23.02.2013
Steroids use masked TB in bodybuilder 21.02.2013
Fish oil helps athletes' immune system to fight cancer cells 30.01.2013
Meditation prevents colds 15.12.2012
Chlorella fortifies immune system 02.12.2012
Echinacea protects air travellers 18.11.2012
Supplement with leucine, glutamine and arginine increases natural resistance 14.08.2012
Litre of non-alcoholic beer keeps marathon runner healthy 10.08.2012
Survive the flu season with Aged Garlic Extract 27.04.2012
Happy people catch cold less quickly 22.03.2012
Empathetic doctors have higher cure rate 20.03.2012
Take spirulina now, and avoid hay fever in the spring 24.02.2012
Got a cold? Continue gentle training 11.01.2012
High dose of zinc helps you get over a heavy cold faster 27.12.2011
Animal study: oatmeal fibre protects athletes against viruses 16.11.2011
Echinacea and Cat's Claw work better when combined 15.08.2011
Cell study suggests creatine might weaken natural resistance 11.07.2011
Half as often ill with Lactobacillus reuteri probiotic 09.05.2011
Mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins improves bodybuilders' immune system and body composition 18.01.2011
Strength athletes can boost immune system with cystine and theanine 06.08.2010
Can Echinacea help build muscles? 01.05.2010
Fish oil could halve chance of hay fever 08.03.2010
Fish oil lengthens life in animal study 07.02.2010
Enzyme supplement speeds up muscle recovery 25.12.2009
Life extending bacteria found in gut of Chinese centenarians 08.08.2009
Muscles aren't everything for men 22.06.2009
Study: Echinacea helps against colds 29.04.2009
Daily dose of Echinacea lengthens life expectancy 24.04.2009
Green tea protects against colds and flu 12.02.2009
Mushrooms make immune defences more alert 11.02.2009
New steroid Triolex boosts immune system 06.01.2009