Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Endurance Supplements

Better sports drinks or pre-workout shakes contain L-citrulline 01.04.2014
Beta-alanine shaves four seconds off runners' 800 metres 17.03.2014
Lychee extract boosts athletes' endurance capacity 09.03.2014
Beta-alanine works even better when combined with sodium bicarb 30.01.2014
Animal study: cacao-phenol (-)-epicatechin keeps endurance athletes fit during inactive period 07.01.2014
Animal study: CLA + endurance training = more testosterone 31.12.2013
Paracetamol improves sprint series performance 16.12.2013
L-Carnitine gives football players the edge 21.11.2013
Chlorogenic acid chases glucose into muscle cells 19.11.2013
Carbohydrate supplementation of little use to tennis players 18.11.2013
Echinacea not an effective endurance sports supplement, says study 16.11.2013
Beetroot concentrate makes team sport players faster 05.11.2013
Resveratrol reduces effect of interval training 15.10.2013
Ferulic acid improves performance over a period of consecutive days 10.10.2013
Concentrated beetroot juice: optimal dose is 140 ml 05.10.2013
Rubus coreanus boosts endurance capacity and fights fatigue 25.09.2013
Eleutherococcus senticosus boosts endurance capacity: animal study 21.09.2013
Beetroot juice works at high altitude too 08.09.2013
Muscle less sore with piceatannol 30.08.2013
Piceatannol's body recompositioning effect 27.08.2013
Piceatannol for endurance athletes – the EPO effect 02.08.2013
Endurance athletes who drink cashew-apple juice make better use of their carbs 25.06.2013
Q10 supplementation makes explosive movements a little faster 20.06.2013
Rhodiola compound boosts EPO production 07.06.2013
Pumpkin boosts endurance capacity and muscle strength 08.04.2013
Creatine speeds up muscle recovery in endurance athletes 02.04.2013
Ginsenoside-Rg1 in Panax ginseng protects athletes' muscles 28.01.2013
Sulforaphane – a natural anticatabolic 15.01.2013
Fitter with Gotu Kola 07.01.2013
Rhodiola rosea boosts heart muscle capacity in animal study 22.12.2012
Resveratrol keeps older endurance athletes fitter 14.12.2012
Royal Jelly: more testosterone and red blood cells 28.10.2012
Green tea keeps athletes fit as the years go by 24.10.2012
Optimal carb dose for cyclists is 78 g per hour 17.10.2012
Anti-tumour mushroom Antrodia camphorata has ergogenic effect 07.10.2012
Astragalus membranaceus boosts EPO synthesis 22.09.2012
Take up to twelve seconds off your time for a 3K run with 1 g taurine 10.09.2012
The four all-time best supplements for runners 08.09.2012
Rhodiola rosea helps weekend athletes cross the finish line more quickly 01.08.2012
Resveratrol when preparing for a meet makes endurance athletes even faster 30.07.2012
Artemisia iwayomogi works in the same way as GW501516 20.07.2012
N-Acetylcysteine is endurance sports supplement 22.06.2012
A glass of tomato juice makes exercise even more healthy 09.06.2012
Siberian ginseng: endurance capacity up by 23 percent 25.05.2012
Fit or not, caffeine works 18.04.2012
Cacao contains endurance sports drug 11.04.2012
Using creatine and glycerol to increase hydration helps endurance athletes in the heat 07.03.2012
Goji protects muscle cells against exhaustion 21.02.2012
Yet another animal study: goji boosts endurance capacity 16.02.2012
Magnesium supplement helps you perform to the max despite lack of sleep 16.12.2011
Creatine and beta-alanine combined improve endurance capacity 15.02.2012
Phlebodium decumanum takes the sting out of extreme exertion 14.02.2012
Goji polysaccharides enhance endurance 03.02.2012
Endurance athletes acidify less fast with BCAAs in sports drink 20.01.2012
Tyrosine boosts endurance performance in the summer 10.01.2012
Tartary buckwheat for endurance athletes 31.12.2011
Double your endurance capacity with caffeine-carnitine mix 23.12.2011
L-Citrulline versus exhaustion 27.10.2011
L-Carnitine plus carbohydrates helps endurance athletes 14.10.2011
The EPO effect of beetroot juice 20.09.2011
Animal study: octacosanol is an endurance sports supplement 19.09.2011
Cocoa makes you fit faster 12.09.2011
Ornithine removes ammonia from athletes' blood 19.08.2011
BCAAs make training less tiring 07.08.2011
Genistein, capsaicin and EGCG inhibit fat cells via AMPK 03.08.2011
Mitochondrial nutrients for more stamina and more mitochondria 18.06.2011
Speed up your sprints with ashwagandha 19.04.2011
Grapefruit flavonoid naringenin helps muscles' glucose uptake 12.04.2011
Sports drink with BCAAs and arginine boosts post-training recovery 28.03.2011
Grass carp peptides boost stamina 10.03.2011
Leucine makes rowers faster 16.02.2011
Cinnamon piles the glucose on in the muscles 09.02.2011
Give endurance athletes 5 g taurine every day for a week… 06.02.2011
So that's how Rhodiola rosea works 19.01.2011
Turmeric boosts glucose uptake in muscle cells 13.01.2011
L-Malate boosts endurance capacity 10.01.2011
Fenugreek enhances endurance 27.12.2010
Cobalt chloride boosts stamina in animal study 10.12.2010
Cocktail of BCAAs, glutamine and arginine boosts oxygen transport 08.12.2010
NAC helps some athletes to speed up 09.11.2010
Low-carb sports drink with a little protein better for endurance athletes 07.11.2010

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