Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Magnesium-rich diet reduces mortality risk


Magnesium supplements probably fit perfectly in the life-extensionist's diet.

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How drinking two glasses of cranberry juice per day improves your health

How drinking two glasses of cranberry juice per day improves your health
How drinking two glasses of cranberry juice per day improves your health


If fat people drink 450 milliliters of cranberry juice every day, their insulin sensitivity increases slightly and their cholesterol levels improve.

The slimming effect of drinking water at mealtimes


Nutritionists at the University of North Carolina drew this conclusion from a metastudy in which they reviewed the evidence from experimental studies.

3 grams of MSM per day counteracts hay fever attack


American nutrition scientists Susan Hewlings and Douglas Kalman discovered this in a human study sponsored by a producer of supplements with MSM.

Aza-6-Gingerol, an experimental ginger-based fat-loss drug


Japanese researchers have modified 6-gingerol, the main active ingredient in ginger, into a new compound that should work better.

Three grams of sumac powder per day lowers your glucose and insulin levels

Three grams of sumac powder per day lowers your glucose and insulin levels
Three grams of sumac powder per day lowers your glucose and insulin levels


Overweight and obese people with type 2 diabetes become healthier if they take 3 grams of sumac powder every day. No, no capsules with an extract, but just sumac powder from the shop or the local supermarket.

Optimism extends lifespan by 15 percent


Epidemiologists have known for years that optimists live longer than pessimists. That does not yet prove that optimism in itself is 'healthy'...

Lifting weights protects against Parkinson's
Lifting weights protects against Parkinson's


Fitness fanatics, power lifters and bodybuilders work out nearly every day in the gym, and during their workouts they end up lifting literally tons of weight. This heavy work is good for their brains.

Supplementation with EMIQ makes leg muscles bigger


Human study, not sponsored. Effective dosage: 40-50 mg/day.

Strength training protects against high blood pressure
Strength training protects against high blood pressure


If you have high blood pressure, many doctors and patients think you shouldn't be doing strength training.

Successful weight loss diet? Quinoa ecdysteroids help you stay slim


If you have lost body fat as a result of a successful weight loss diet, supplementation with ecdysteroids can help you to maintain your new weight. A forgotten human study we found in a patent from 2014.

Stop worrying, go and start strength training


Strength training with short pauses between sets is especially good for reducing your worries. Human data.

Terbutaline increases muscle mass at the expense of fitness


Strength athletes who use terbutaline, a beta-2 agonist that resembles salbutamol, build up more muscles, but in the longer term may also become less fit and lose stamina.

Ecdysterone analogue Bio103 has more anabolic effect than its mother compound


A French research company, which investigates whether ecdysterone may keep people with muscle diseases healthy for longer, has chemically altered the ecdysterone molecule into a compound that may have a greater muscle-enhancing effect than ecdysterone itself.

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Athletes who use sumac protect their muscles and joints 31.08.19
If you stretch your pecs when you train your lats you'll manage more reps 30.08.19
Sumac extract accelerates the aging of breast cancer cells 29.08.19
L-Citrulline helps you hold on to muscle mass during a weight-loss diet 28.08.19
Supplementation with magnesium inhibits muscle breakdown in cyclists (a tiny bit) 27.08.19
Garlic, prostate cancer and Death Receptor 4 26.08.19
We know too little about anabolic steroids, doctors admit 25.08.19
You need to know this before you buy ketones 24.08.19
Vitamin C boosts breast cancer survival chances 23.08.19
More testosterone and less estradiol in coffee drinkers 22.08.19
Omega 3 fatty acids reduce cancer mortality 21.08.19
Bench presses are just as stressful for the pecs as for the triceps 20.08.19
DHEA-supplementation boosts post-interval training anabolism 19.08.19
During a caloric overload, shiitake reduces the increase in body fat 18.08.19
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Handful of almonds in the afternoon lower fat mass, increases fat-free mass 15.08.19
For core muscles development, plank exercises and back extensions are irreplaceable 14.08.19
Want to develop your serrati? Try decline pushups 13.08.19
Endurance athletes can also use chia to load 12.08.19
2 g of carnitine daily makes bodybuilders stronger 11.08.19
1973 animal study: DMAE extends lifespan 10.08.19
Blackcurrants boost dopamine, make physical activity more enjoyable 09.08.19
Sodium citrate allows tennis player to win more often 08.08.19
Not fully recovered - but training again? 07.08.19
Frequent contact with friends and family protects against dementia 06.08.19
Why olive oil can help us live longer 05.08.19
Do you want to live longer? Go play chess! 04.08.19
A life with a purpose lasts longer 03.08.19
Lion's Mane as a life extender 02.08.19
Green tea has no effect on testosterone 01.08.19
S7h, a novel anabolic steroid? 31.07.19
Betaine gives bodybuilders more muscle and less fat 30.07.19
Meta study: paleo diet is a perfect weight-loss diet 29.07.19
These substances in red bell peppers stimulate fat burning 28.07.19
Do you sleep badly in the summer? Maybe ornithine can help 27.07.19
A warm shower in the evening improves your sleep 26.07.19
The modest fat loss effect of chlorogenic acid 25.07.19
Stressed out strength athletes take longer to recover post-workout 24.07.19
Sleep improvement makes cardio training and strength training more effective 23.07.19
Fenugreek improves effect of creatine more than carbs 22.07.19
Two leg press sessions per week reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy during breast cancer treatment 21.07.19
Ginsenoside Rg1, a natural anabolic from the ginseng plant 20.07.19
Can a few hundred mils of caffeine boost the anabolic effect of oxandrolone? 19.07.19
Phyllanthus amarus prevents hangover 18.07.19
Don't feel like training? Caffeine makes exercise more enjoyable 17.07.19
Which exercise is better? The conventional deadlift or the Romanian deadlift? 16.07.19
Pullovers: bad exercise for the pecs, but good for the triceps 15.07.19
The more soda you drink, the bigger your chance of cancer 14.07.19
Sleeping with lights on increases the risk of prostate cancer 13.07.19
One cup of green tea burns five grams of fat 12.07.19
Gelidium elegans, the slimming algae 11.07.19
Hormonal recovery after anabolic steroid cycle lasts longer than 4 months 10.07.19
Using whey during strength training helps tendons grow stronger 09.07.19
Using knee wraps for squats increases wear and tear in your knee joint 08.07.19
Is Quorn a better muscle builder than milk protein? 07.07.19
Time-restricted feeding without positive or negative effects in female strength athletes 06.07.19
Runners benefit from deep squats too 05.07.19
After a cup of coffee, your brown fat cells produce more heat 04.07.19
Hard workers live longer 03.07.19
A little garlic every day makes you live three years longer 02.07.19
Veillonella, a probiotic that boosts the metabolism of athletes 01.07.19
Physical exercise + BCAA's = much more testosterone 30.06.19
Daily cup of blueberries protects against heart attack 29.06.19
Women find fast cyclists attractive 28.06.19
Even if a low carbohydrate diet does not make you slimmer, it still makes you healthier 27.06.19
Aloe vera is an aphrodisiac 26.06.19
Protein shake before exercise increases fat oxidation 25.06.19
Hitting the hamstrings with leg curls yields more results than hitting them with deadlifts 24.06.19
Strength training with new 3/7 method gives superior results 23.06.19
Glycine supplementation extends life span 22.06.19
Vitamin B5, the testosterone vitamin 21.06.19
Better results by adding dried plums to a weight loss diet 20.06.19
Aronia boosts thermogenesis 19.06.19
How arginine enhances the effect of GABA 18.06.19
Supplement containing vitamin C makes it easier to do more exercise 17.06.19
Trend: combining cannabis with exercise 16.06.19
25% of young steroids users have clogged coronary arteries 15.06.19
Endurance capacity protects against headache 14.06.19
How harmful is ecdysterone? 13.06.19
Broccoli diet for more muscle cells 12.06.19
Glucosamine protects against deadly heart attacks 11.06.19
Users of dating apps use anabolic steroids more often 10.06.19
Lutein is a medicine against a sedentary lifestyle 09.06.19
15 minutes of meditation has about the same psychological effects as a day off 08.06.19
Lutein speeds up transformation from lazybones into athlete 07.06.19
Propolis increases insulin sensitivity 06.06.19
Weight training? It'll make me look like a man... 05.06.19
Vegetarian and vegan runners do not perform better or worse than omnivores 04.06.19
Cold sports drink works better 03.06.19
Belief in a just world extends life expectancy 02.06.19
Female bodybuilder becomes hypogonadal, loses voice 01.06.19
Weighing yourself daily prevents weight gain during holidays 31.05.19
Thanks to ecdysterone supplementation, strength athletes gain 2 kilos of muscle mass in 10 weeks 30.05.19
Happy people catch cold less quickly 29.05.19
Elderberries protect against flu viruses in these two ways 28.05.19
Relatively low and relatively high dose of caffeine equally effective for strength athletes 27.05.19
Reishi raises testosterone levels 26.05.19
Brassinosteroids are anabolic 24.05.19
How ultra processed foods make you fat 23.05.19
The pre-competitive period in bodybuilding | There must be a better way 21.05.19
Sulforaphane, an antipsychotic from broccoli? 19.05.19
When it is hot, athletes perform better with taurine 18.05.19
Subjective age says more about chance of serious illness than objective age 17.05.19
Raspberry ketone boosts skin's elasticity and stimulates hair growth 16.05.19
How deadly are protein shakes? 14.05.19
Q10 and L-carnitine effective against migraine 13.05.19
Whether you use anabolic steroids or not, the addition of single-joint exercises to a training routine with basic exercises adds nothing 12.05.19